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Soft cirque is a platform for experimenting with circus performances. Born @softsurplus in Brooklyn, NY.

PLAY (2019)

In PLAY, the inagural soft cirque production, aerialists and musicians are brought together in a part rehearsed, part improvisation-based production. The aerialists, relying heavily on trained control as the basis of their ability to safely execute tricks, are each asked to prepare ~4 minutes of movement. The musicians are asked to play freely in response to their environment. On the evening of the show, aerialists and musicians combine their practices for the first time. Robbing the aerialists of song choice, usually a strong guiding force in the development of an act, imposes elements of both uncertainty and freedom. Each performer must fill the void left in the absence of the traditional choreographic driver. Spontaneity becomes imperative.

Aerialists: Laurie Bloom, Sara Odze, Paulina Vilkkavaara, Aerial Mermaid, Sofya Shuster, Rachel Hjerpe, Astral Aerial, Lin Lin Feng, and Sandra Atakora. Music: Andreas Toftemark, Eric Zolan, and Marcelo Bonifato. Produced by Lin Lin Feng and Sandra Atakora. Photos by @graceparsonsphoto.

PLAY was first performed on November 23rd, 2019 at Soft Surplus in Brooklyn, New York.